Organic Fields and Meadows Honey - 1000 g

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ORGANIC FIELDS AND MEADOWS HONEY is collected from plants growing in the fields and meadows. Because of the rich composition of this honey, You can use it for flavoring food and drinks, boosting up Your health, tasting on its own and also as a nutritious body mask.

FLORA: Cowslip, dandelion, water avens, alsike clover, sticky catchfly, clammy campion, caraway, red clover, common silverweed, germander speedwell, birdsfoot trefoil, common self-heal, white clover, meadowsweet, goldmoss stonecrop, great burnet, meadow cranesbill, valerian, long-leaved speedwell, heath speedwell, meadow salsify, common tormentil, meadow vetchling, tufted vetch, large pink, greater knapweed, small scabious, black medick, sainfoin, purple loosestrife, field scabious, rough hawksbeard, common St John’s wort, devil’s-bit scabious, brown knapweed, field mint, autumn hawkbit. This is only a partial representation of the flora that our bees have used for collecting nectar and honeydew.

COLOUR OF HONEY: Light yellow to pale white.

TEXTURE OF HONEY: Liquid upon extracting, crystallizes quickly to fine-grained thickness.

AROMA OF HONEY: Mild and mellow, with a touch of blooming field and meadow flowers.

FLAVOUR OF HONEY: Clear and light, with an aftertaste of freshness and serenity.



TYPE OF PRODUCTION: Organic farming

CONDITIONS OF STORAGE: At room temperature, in a dry place, out of direct sunshine

STORAGE LIFE: 24 months

RETAIL PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: Width 122 mm / Height 109 mm




Estonian agriculture