Terms and Condition for the Use of Nordic Food Products OÜ Webshop

Any transaction effectuated in the electronic sales system of www.nordicfoodproducts.com (henceforth NFP Webshop), between the system’s owner Nordic Food Products OÜ (henceforth NFP), registered at Türi 3, Tallinn 11313, Estonia, e-mail address info@nordicfoodproducts.com, and a customer making a purchase in NFP Webshop, are, in their legal relations, subject to terms and conditions stated below.


Guests and logged in registered users. NFP Webshop allows one to make purchases either as a guest or as a logged in registered user. If you are a registered client, your personal information will appear in the shopping cart automatically. Additionally, the option of „my account” allows all registered users to keep an eye on their order history and check the issued invoices.

Availability and pricing of the products. All represented products might not be available at the time of purchase. If the product is presently unavailable, it will be noted to be „out of stock”. The product page will display the price effective at the moment of viewing. All prices are given in Euro (€).

Selecting an item. To initiate an order, please select an item that you want to buy from those available at NFP Webshop. For a more detailed view of a product, please click on its picture or title.

Selecting quantity. After having selected the desired item, please insert the desired quantity and add the product into your virtual shopping cart. You can check your selected items and view the delivery costs by clicking on the shopping cart icon on top of the NFP Webshop page.

Filling in personal data. Be very attentive when filling in your personal data (in the course of user registration and confirmation of order), for the swift and unchecked delivery of purchased item(s) depends directly on the accuracy and correctness of that information. For a registered user, the personal data will appear in their virtual shopping cart automatically.

Selecting a delivery option. You may come and collect the purchased items yourself or you may have them sent to you via postal services.

Form of payment. Items purchased in NFP Webshop can be paid for on the basis of a prepayment invoice sent to customer’s e-mail.

If your order is successful, you will receive a letter of confirmation / prepayment invoice on your e-mail.

The prepayment invoice is due within 5 days from the date of issue. The order is effective and will be fulfilled as soon as the invoice is settled. If after 5 days the order remains unpaid, we will presume it cancelled and it will be annulled.


2.1. You may come and collect the purchased item(s) yourself. Opening times and directions of our representative store can be found at the NFP Webshop contacts page. Upon receipt of payment, we will notify you when your items will be ready for collecting.

2.2. Itella SmartPOST (in Estonia) - from 3,90 €. We will deliver your purchase to an Itella SmartPOST parcel terminal of your choosing where you can collect the parcel whenever convenient. Once the parcel arrives at the parcel terminal, you will receive an SMS-message containing all the necessary information for the collection of the parcel.

2.3. Itella SmartKULLER (in Estonia) - from 6,60 €. We will deliver your purchase via Itella SmartKULLER courier service to your chosen destination in Estonia. Six days a week, Monday to Saturday, the parcels are delivered the next day after the placement of order (except for Sundays and deliveries made to smaller islands). You can choose a time of delivery that best suits you (either between 9 AM and 5 PM or 5 PM and 9 PM) and request delivery either to your home or workplace. In the morning of the delivery the recipient of the parcel will receive an SMS message stating the exact time of delivery. The courier will call ahead 15 minutes before arrival. SmartKULLER promises to deliver its parcels within 30 minutes of the estimated delivery time. If the parcel cannot be delivered the first time, the courier will agree on a new delivery time. It is also possible to redirect the parcel into a parcel terminal, if you so desire. Redirection is free of charge.

2.4. Omniva standard parcel delivery (in Estonia) - from 5,63 €. We will deliver your purchase via Omniva postal service to your local post office where you can collect the parcel whenever convenient. Once the parcel has arrived at the post office, you will be notified of it by regular mail, e-mail or SMS. The notification will include information about the parcel’s location, the opening times and contacts of the post office, as well as the maximum time of storage. Upon collection, the recipient needs to present the issued notification along with his/her personal ID.

2.5. Omniva courier (in Estonia) - from 7,54 €. We will deliver your purchase via Omniva Courier Service to your chosen destination in Estonia. The courier will call ahead and agree on a suitable day and time of delivery. Business clients have their purchases delivered to them during the official working hours and without prior notice. If the courier has not succeeded at delivery, the recipient can order a new time of delivery at an extra cost.

2.6. DHL, UPS, Omniva (destinations anywhere outside Estonia) – shipping costs will depend on the country of delivery and special conditions. We will deliver your purchase via select courier services to your chosen destination anywhere outside Estonia. Since the tax and toll policies of different countries may vary greatly, we advise you to approach your local tax or toll office for further information. The possible tax and toll fees or extra conditions for non-standard parcels in the country of delivery are beyond our authority and competence and we can therefore take no responsibility for them, thus all extra costs will always be borne by the recipient. For deliveries outside Estonia, please contact us beforehand at sales@nordicfoodproducts.com 


Delivery costs will depend on the desired destination as well as on the weight and number of dispatches and will be calculated according to the pricelist of the deliverer. You can check the delivery costs for any of your selected items by clicking on the virtual shopping cart icon on top of the NFP Webshop page.


Purchases will  normally be dispatched within 3 days of payment. We will notify you of any possible delays.


Itella SmartPOST – to check the schedule of transportation, click here
Omniva destinations in Estonia – no later than 3 working days after dispatch
Omniva destinations in the EU, excluding Estonia – no later than 7 working days after dispatch


Track Itella parcels in their tracking system.
Track Omniva parcels in their tracking system.

NB! We take no authority or responsibility for potential customs and service fees requested by the country of destination.
NB! Please note that our products cannot be delivered to P.O. Box addresses.


Withdrawing from agreement. We rejoice in the quality of our products and wish to offer our Webstore clients only the best. If, however, for some reason you are not satisfied with the purchased item, you have the right to withdraw from your order within 14 days of delivery, provided you return the product unused, undamaged and at your own expense. Upon receipt of your return we will immediately, but no later than 14 days from the submission of withdrawal, reimburse you the cost of your purchase, deducting, if necessary, the delivery expenses. Application for withdrawal, along with your bank account number, should be submitted at sales@nordicfoodproducts.com.

Unfortunately we are unable to reimburse you for the products you have already used.

Damaged items and submission of complaints. If our product reached you in damaged condition, please contact us immediately at sales@nordicfoodproducts.com or call +372 56841490. If the product was damaged by our fault, we will replace it or reimburse you the full paid amount.



All NFP Webshop products are clearly marked with a best before date printed on the  outside of the package. Best before date sets the time period for which we can guarantee the full quality of the food product, provided the recommended storage conditions are always followed. An expired product will normally pose no health threats, but its flavour and texture might change.


By registering at and/or using the website of www.nordicfoodproducts.com, you are considered to agree to following privacy and security rules.

Your privacy and security of shopping is of great importance to us and we do all we can to ensure that any use of your personal data will always comply fully with the Estonian laws of data protection.

Collection of data and methods of collection. If you have any questions regarding the information collected at our website, please do not hesitate to contact us at once.

Submitting your personal data over the internet is never absolutely safe. We do all we can to protect your personal data, but we cannot guarantee their absolute security at all occasions. The data we ask you to submit depends on the actions you wish to undertake at our website.

We may collect the following personal data of a customer:
- your contact information such as your name, address, phone number and an e-mail address,
- information about your purchases,
- information about your movements and navigations at our website, duration of your stay there, history of viewed or searched items, history of items added to or removed from your shopping cart.

The collection of your personal data takes place when you fill in your personal information for placing an order. To facilitate a better service, our website uses cookies and web beacons. Cookie is a text-shaped piece of data in your web browser that will be sent to a specific domain each time you make a query on our website. This facilitates distinguishing your query from other similar queries and allows us to offer you personalized product information. Cookies can be used for logging in to the website, saving your preferences or remembering the content of your shopping cart. Browsers allow the user to ban cookies, but if you do so, please be aware that some of our service may cease to be accessible. Web beacons resemble cookies, for they observe a customer’s actions on a website. Both means may be used by marketing enterprises for knowing your preferences in shopping. Regardless of whether you are logged in to our website or not, we record the following information of your visit: which connection and computer were used, which browser was used, which operating system and platform were used and the time of entry. We may use your IP-address to identify you, as well as to collect general demographic data that we use to protect ourselves from fraud and to detect any possible faults in our website. If you have given us your e-mail address, we are able to use it to detect your earlier NFP Webshop browsing and shopping history.

Why is the personal data of the customers collected? The main reasons for collecting your personal data are:

- Processing the purchase,
- Billing and delivering the purchase,
- Advertising our products and offers,
- Improving our website and customer services.

We will contact you for advertising our products only when necessary and when you have consented to receive our newsletter. You may unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time. Be aware though that it might take a little time for us to process your request. If you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter, please write to us at info@nordicfoodproducts.com.

Sharing your personal data with third parties. We will never engage in the sale of our customers’ personal data to any third party. We will share information about our customers and their browsing history with third parties only under following conditions. We may enter agreements with other businesses for the purposes of product delivery, market survey or sales promotion management. We may agree to provide such enterprises the information required for their execution of our desired services. Third parties are always, however, prohibited to use such data in their own interest or to share the acquired information with anyone except NFP or its subsidiaries.

NFP may also disclose your personal data to state officials if it is required by official laws and rulings or for the assistance of legal protection in establishing the terms by which the sales transactions can take place, or if it is necessary for protecting our own rights and assets.

Our website may include links to third party websites. NFP takes no responsibility for their content or safety.

If NFP as an enterprise were to be sold or part of its assets conferred to third parties, or if NFP were to be dissolved or distributed among several owners, the information you had submitted to us may be conferred to the new owner(s) as information of value. Privacy of customers will, however, always be observed.

If you any questions regarding the above, please contact us at info@nordicfoodproducts.com or call +372 56841490. Our postal address is Nordic Food Products OÜ, Türi 3, Tallinn 11313, Estonia.


If the ordered items happen to be unavailable, NFP will cancel the submitted order. The order may be cancelled in full or in part. The customer will be informed of the cancellation immediately. If the order is cancelled only in part, NFP may ask the customer to confirm the remainder of the order once more. Upon cancellation, the surplus payment will be returned to the customer as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days after cancellation.


NFP takes no responsibility for possible trading losses (incl. revenue loss, lost agreements, failure of retrenchment, loss of data or reputation, excessive expenses) or any other indirect loss, as well as losses outside reasonable predictability by both sides of the sales agreement, if such has been reached. We do not limit or debar our legal responsibilities for injuries or deaths incurred by our negligence, infringement of duties or wilful offences.


We reserve ourselves the right to make changes in the NFP Webshop and in its terms and conditions without prior notice. Terms and conditions that were in force at the time of purchase or while using NFP Webshop will apply, except if terms and conditions are changed due to public laws or amendments of laws in which case changes may apply retroactively. If any of the present terms and conditions is deemed illegal or inexecutable, NFP will promptly change them to guarantee their legality and legal executability while other terms and conditions will remain in force unchanged.


If our obligations remain unfulfilled or delayed by reasons beyond our control or by force majeure, we will not be able bear any responsibility for the consequences.


Order of products available at NFP Webshop for the purposes of resale is prohibited without prior written consent of Nordic Food Products OÜ. We reserve ourselves the right to decline orders that produce reasonable doubt that they are made for the purposes of resale. If you are interested in reselling the products of Nordic Food Products OÜ, please contact us at reseller@nordicfoodproducts.com


We are entitled to exercise our rights and means of legal protection against customers who break the above terms and conditions. We will do so in the events and extent enacted by the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.

The above terms are regulated and interpreted so as to comply with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. Possible disputes are in the sole jurisdiction of the judicature of the Republic of Estonia (at Harju County Court).